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Resident Artists at theART-Dept.

Step into the creative universe of our resident artists, a testament to their boundless imagination and relentless passion. Each piece is a unique masterpiece, crafted exclusively for theART-Dept. Immerse yourself in the world of our resident artists and own a piece of their ongoing journey through creativity and innovation.

  • Physical & Digital Artwork

    Immerse yourself in the world of artistry with our art collection. Our resident artists continually push the boundaries of imagination, offering a dynamic array of NFTs, prints, 1/1s, and tangible masterpieces, while our featured artists infuse fresh inspiration and limited runs into the collection. Experience pure creation — and take it home.

    Available Artwork 
  • Clothing & Merchandise

    Elevate your style with our exclusive merchandise collection, where art meets fashion in perfect harmony. Discover a wide range of high-quality apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products that reflect the creativity of our resident and featured artists. Personalize your selections and make a statement that's uniquely you, by you.

    Available Merch 
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