Jimmy Divots


The Legend of Jimmy Divots:

Nestled in Lone Tree, Colorado, the revered Meridian Golf Club, "The Mer," is a golf lover's paradise. It's here that a legend named Jimmy Divots came to life.

One fateful day years ago while searching for his lost sunny, Divots encountered a poor golf shot. Yours truly had chunked the shit out of the ball. In an act of passionate turf defense, he quickly repaired the disturbed ground. Looked me straight in the eye and said: Take care of the golf course and fix your fxcking Divots!

In the same period, we had established the "Narp Cup," (Non-Athletic Regular Peoples Cup a season-long game with 38 members every Saturday at 'The Mer'. The following Saturday I found myself paired with a fella named Jim Butler.

In those days we were men and we used to walk, before we realized drinking and riding in a golf cart made waaaaayy more sense. On the second tee box, Jimbo hands me a Divot mix and taped a divot repair tool to it, with the affixed message "Fix your FxCKING Divots, I looked at him and said you are the Divot Don: Head of the Divot Mafia. You're Jimmy Fxcking Divots!

Jimmy Divots, a symbol of camaraderie and golf etiquette, is a part of every golfer's life who treasures the joy of the game, hanging out with friends, competing, drinking, gambling and cherishing the finest moments golf offers.

We are all, in essence, Jimmy Divots.

'Fix Your Fxcking Divots'